Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I used to paint on a daily basis. I used to leave with a camera and do my thing. Up until the middle of this summer I would do some embroidery or knit. But lately, I'm worthless in the creativity department. It's really frustrating.

For a very long time I was working out six days a week. I was beginning to see a post childbirth form that I was comfortable with. I had a ton of energy.

Then something happened...and I'm not sure what.

I need to get back to all of that. I need to put myself back near the top of my priority list. As a mother it is way too easy to bump yourself to the very last thing on the list.

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  1. I'm just wondering where my shout out is that you promised me on facebook! haha!

    Yeah, with little ones it is hard to have time for yourself. I was just getting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak, and then Bryson came along. One day all our little ones won't be so little anymore and we will be able to have more "me" time. So they tell me :)