Monday, April 25, 2011

Getting philosophical about a car.

The Escalade.

If you are friends with me on Facebook, then you have seen my pictures and you've witnessed my excitement over the great huge hunk of metal that is an Escalade. I've always wanted one. Well, not always...since high school. Same dif. We hunted and I dedicated an entire week of my life to comparing prices, and researching, and then my dreams were filled with Kelly Blue Book at night.

Then I noticed that my chest was starting to feel tight. I thought I was excited. In reality my arteries were constricting due to the anxiety. Or something like that.

I emailed Richie. Sweetly, and not at all my usual approach when it comes to Richie, I lowered the boom. Get in my world real quick. I told my outdoorsy, slightly rugged and rough around the edges, unPC hubby that I in fact did not want an Escalade or a Yukon, but a much smaller cross over. I was even so sweet and kind to include a link. A link to what I thought would be a compromise. A "fuel efficient" vehicle. Heh heh. That was a funny email to type. What was even more funny was that he called me at 9am the next day, when he knows that I never get up before 10, to tell me that he agreed with my plan.

I was so pleased. Maybe we aren't as opposite as I sometimes assume. Who am I kidding, we totally are! But we do seem to get on the same page when it matters.

I freaked myself out a little. I got a little extra jingle in my pocket, and I was on my way to driving a gas guzzling, "luxury car". Eww. I can't stand people like me. The week before I splurged (yes I said splurged) and bought a bike trailer so that I could bike to the farmer's market this summer. How did I make that leap? I'm still not sure.

I'll spare you my life's philosophy on simplicity, being authentic, and my occasional tree caressing warrior side. But the visions of Escalades and sugar plums is a thing of the past...for now.

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