Saturday, April 2, 2011

I don't multitask.

Yes that's right. I don't multitask. It's just not within me. I am my father's child. I concentrate on one thing and do it well, or at least try to. Wait, wait, maybe I do multitask. I can eat cheesy poofs and blog at the same time. Talent I tell you. So my life is difficult right now by the most selfish and pathetic standards. I'm really beating myself up this week and telling myself that I suck a lot. I'm trying to honor some commitments and on top of my usual life it's too much. It's sad really. My house is a wreck, my children have eaten a lot of crap this week, and I'm stressed so I'm an emotional-eating-war path-walking-nut. Then I get stressed because I've eaten too much and my yoga pants are all that fit. *sigh* I'm overwhelmed. Where's the pie?

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